Well, the reality of my life as I have been experiencing it is that I have not written in my blog since February. I think that I have been processing a lot of new experiences and revisiting some old ways of being with a more mature outlook. I’ve not only been doing one-on-one work with people as a counsellor & psychotherapist, I’ve been facilitating structured group work with business people (senior managers as well as staff) and with people who use the services of supportive local charities. I’m trying to develop my work in all these areas. My work has been and remains grounded in principles of secular mindfulness.

The reality of secular mindfulness for me is that I make choices about what I say and what I do based on my inner values of honesty, loving kindness, compassion, tolerance and patience. I do the best I can, remembering that I am human with feet of clay. I make a real effort to live this way every day, and in every moment of the day.

I also am aware that other human beings I meet may not be interested in behaving the way I chose to behave. They may not care about honesty or kindness. That is their choice. I cannot control or regulate other people. I can only regulate myself. That can be tough sometimes, as I can want to snap back at people who snap at me.

I know that I feel better, all day long, and I sleep better at night when I behave, as best I can, in a patient and tolerant way. Things seem to go better. Work seems to flow better. Wonderful people come my way. This way of being ends up giving me a reality that I can experience fully and enjoy freely. And it seems as though fewer problems raise their ugly heads. Lots of benefits to living mindfully.