Kathleen K. Gherardi MA MBACP

work mobile: 07807 548 014 

work email:

Please Google me in order to read more about me, if you would like. I also have public postings that you can read on Facebook and have a Mindfulness Facebook page.  (With respect to my my personal Facebook page, I ‘friend’ only family members or people that I know well outside of my work.)

Mindfulness trainings and courses: I am happy to travel in order to facilitate Mindfulness trainings and courses. Please telephone or email me so that I can answer your questions.

Counselling & psychotherapy: can be shorter term work on a specific topic or medium to longer term work, ‘covering more ground.’

Venue for counselling & psychotherapy sessions: I see clients in an office in my home, which is in the AL3 area of St Albans, Hertfordshire. I have a variable fees scale. Please telephone or email me so that we can talk about what you might need.



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