Mindfulness Courses

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My Mindfulness course offerings focus on the experiential learning of secular Mindfulness. This is what I call “learning by doing Mindfulness”.  

People learning secular Mindfulness on my courses practice non-religious Mindfulness tools and techniques to achieve clarity of thought and relieve worry, tension and stress in their daily lives. 


  • ‘Taster’ on the Basics of Mindfulness – one hour lesson in Mindfulness basics and relaxation
  • Introduction to the Essentials of Mindfulness – half day session with plenty of time for practice
  • Effective Mindfulness Practice – a one day course where people learn how to use Mindfulness tools and techniques in their lives
  • ‘Tailored’ Mindfulness Workshops:
    • Day 1 – learning and practising Mindfulness tools and techniques
    • Day 2 – a bespoke day which I develop in conjunction with a client. Examples of previous Day 2’s:
      • the effective application of Mindfulness techniques by employees in their work
      • the application of Mindfulness tools for students’ use in essay writing or revising
      • the application of Mindfulness skills by business leaders who want to be more effective
  • Mindfulness for Daily Living – a six week course consisting of one 90 minute lesson each week where a student can establish a regular practice of Mindfulness
    • Lesson 1 – What is Mindfulness?
    • Lesson 2 – Holistic Mindfulness
    • Lesson 3 – Physical Mindfulness
    • Lesson 4 – Emotional Mindfulness
    • Lesson 5 – Mental Mindfulness
    • Lesson 6 – Further Application of Mindfulness in Daily Living

Each lesson consists of an introduction to the topic, the teaching of Mindfulness tools & techniques pertinent to the topic, group discussion and relaxation & meditation.